Welcome to Leading Innovation 2012: Building Statewide Capacity C& I Institute!

To better model a technology-enabled learning environment, this Institute will be paperless. This site will also be available once you leave the Institute, thus making it an online resource as you continue to work through your understanding of the North Carolina Learning Technology Initiative. Use either the links in the navigation bar to the left to help you navigate through the wiki.

C&I Institute Outcomes

  • Provide a new paradigm for how learning and teaching occur in technology-enabled learning environments (knowledge*).

  • Engage and equip participants with relevant knowledge, skills, tools, and resources to support LEAs and schools planning and/or implementing technology-enabled learning initiatives (skills).

  • Provide the opportunity for participants to build their capacity in facilitating high-quality, efficient, engaging, and effective instructional design at the district, school, and classroom level (behavior).

This C&I Institute will enable and grow participants' capacity to:

  • Transfer learning from hands-on activities that blend skill building and information sharing to their own work (knowledge and behavior).

  • Plan rigorous professional development that incorporates activities and skills for implementation of technology-enabled learning at the district, school, and classroom level (behavior).

  • Reflect on the necessary collaboration, analysis, planning and evaluation of professional development for technology-enabled learning environments (attitude).

  • Plan professional development opportunities that are strategically aligned to the Learning Forward Standards, RttT Learning technology initiatives, the new Standard Courses of Study (Common Core State Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards) in all content areas, and Measures of Student Learning. the North Carolina SCOS (behavior)

  • Facilitate and/or train district leadership teams to lead highly individualized, effective planning sessions adaptable to their local technology-enabled learning environments (skill).

* These represent “Levels of Learning Outcomes” from Guskey